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Tell the VCGLR: No Pokies for Noble Park

We have made it really easy, and it will take you less than five minutes to send a crucial message which will stop this application from going ahead. 

You can write your own text and tell your own story (this is helpful), or copy and paste from the reasons below:

- Dandenong already has too many machines. The 958 machines in the City of Greater Dandenong mean $976 is lost for every single adult. The losses per gambler are even higher: $6503. This is equivalent to 1/3 of the median income in Dandenong. This is the highest rate of losses anywhere in Victoria, and should not be added to.

- These losses hurt gamblers and those around them. They are a cause of and contribute to: poverty, worsened mental health, suicide, domestic violence, family violence, and homelessness. They don’t just hurt the person, but they hurt children and partners of gamblers. Increasing the number of machines would increase these impacts in an area that cannot afford them.

- Noble Park is one of the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Victoria, and the area around the venue is almost entirely in the two most deprived census measures. Despite this the neighbourhood has strength and diversity, and Noble Park deserves much better than this. If you have a story about pokies in your life, or in your community – tell the VCGLR! They should know just how this application will impact you.