vic local gov election - Alliance for Gambling Reform

Candidates, support con-free poker machines

Dear Candidates, 

Councillors should be able to represent and defend their communities against poker machines that are designed to deceive and addict. This election, I call on you to support; 

1) Removal of design 'features' that deliberately mislead and deceive people 

2) Local governments and councillors given the proper authority over more poker machines coming into their community. 

These simple asks are just the first of many changes to toughen up the laws that are supposed to regulate an industry that's gotten out of control. Please make you position on poker machines clear by filling out this survey

Will you sign?

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Councillors and Mayors can be a powerful voice in the campaign to reign in poker machines that have been designed to create addiction. Over 20 councils have joined the Alliance for Gambling Reform, and over 350 have answered our survey to say they support con-free machines. 

But we need more. Over the next term of local government, we need as many councilors as possible to be vocal supporters of change.