Vic Review - Alliance for Gambling Reform

Enough Pokies in Victoria!

The Victorian Government is reviewing poker machine laws. 

This could go well, or badly. 

Right now, clubs and pubs own a license to print money (that's the poker machine) for 10 years - but they want more. They want their machine licenses to last forever! 

Diamonds are forever, poker machines shouldn't be. 

There is an opportunity to make it go well with a push from Victorians like you. We could get reforms that take some of the harm out of this industry, with simple policies like removing machines designed simply to deceive, and a limit of $1 a bet.

We encourage you to personalize your submission, and if you'd like it kept confidential, request that in your submission. 

Send a submission to the Victorian Government today.

We'll also send a copy to the Minister for Gaming, Jane Garrett. 

Submissions close 5pm 26th February, so send it today!