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Preparing for the Crown Casino Royal Commission

The fight of a generation

Two months ago the Alliance was blown away when the Victorian Government called a Royal Commission into Crown Casino - something our Chief Advocate, Tim Costello has been calling on for decades. Since then we have been fighting for a thorough and inclusive investigation into Crown.

The most important work we have done has been working with those who have a lived experience of harm at the Casino. We have been working to amplify these voices to ensure gambling harm is central to the recommendations made by the Royal Commission. It is these voices that we hope shape the conversation and recommendations made by the Royal Commission.

There have been short timelines and a lack of accessibility for huge portions of our community. However, we have been able to have a few early successes: 

These have been:

At the Alliance, we have been working on developing our own submission for the Royal Commission. We will be continuing to work closely to support those who are sharing their story of harm at the Casino. This is truly a once in a generation opportunity to tackle gambling harm at one of the biggest venues in Australia.

The Royal Commission begins public hearings on the 17th of May which can be streamed online

In the past month we have heard from so many of you, and we wanted to say thank you for sharing your stories. It is because of these stories we hope the Royal Commission will recommend significant changes to protect our community from gambling harm. 

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