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Western Bulldogs

To Western Bulldogs Football Club-

AFL should be an activity that brings us together. As someone who loves footy, I want it to be something everyone can enjoy!

But your reliance on poker machines is harming individuals, families and communities. You currently own 60 pokies across two pokie venues and take $5.92 million out of the community every year. 

Australians lose over an estimated $12 billion annually to pokies and those numbers are still rising. Don't be a part of the problem!

There are other ways of funding your footy club that doesn't hurt the community. More and more clubs are getting out of pokies- now it's your turn!

It's time to stop relying on pokies- there are better ways to fund your club that don't come at the cost of the community!

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Western Bulldogs are having a great year so far! Their women's team even won the Grand Final after an excellent season. They're an excellent team... but, they also own 60 poker machines which they use to fund their club.

Momentum to get the AFL out of pokies is growing fast and what we've seen is there are many alternative ways to fund a footy club that are completely pokie-free! Take Great Western Sydney Giants- they announced earlier this year that they'll be funding their club through early childhood centers instead of pokies. Now that's a family-friendly club!

We want AFL to be an activity everyone can enjoy rather than a means to funding harm to families!

Sign the petition to tell Western Bulldogs to get out of pokies!