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Whitehorse City Council Candidate Responses

Candidate Responses

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Do you support reducing the opening hours of poker machine venues?

Do you support local governments having greater say on the granting or refusing applications for poker machines in their respective communities?
Do you support the banning of all sports gambling ads?

Will you pledge to not take any donations from venues or organisations that derive income from gambling interests?

Will you commit to reducing gambling harm in your LGA?

Which of the policies referred to in our Candidate Information Pack, do you support? What is your position on poker machine policy?
Andrew Munroe Cootamundra Note I would greatly limit sports betting advertising.  Particularly to protect children.  I have already rallied against the long Pokies opening hours.  I didn't see in that pack but would set bet limits.
Honglin Zheng Eley Strongly oppose the poker machine.
Susannah Su Eley I support all of your policies. No more new poker machines should be allowed in our community. Existing poker machines should have strict time and money limits.
Trudy Skilbeck Eley In principle, I support all your policies. I believe in 'do no harm' and the gaming sector is not acceptably accountable for harm minimisation. I also say gaming has no place in sports revenue (community or highest level). In practice, I would weigh up any measure to context and available budget. COVID changes many aspects of what is possible; I will not make misleading promises about specific policies that I may not be able to deliver if elected due to diminished resources and other prioritisation. That said, I will advocate loud whenever possible; gaming is a social health hazard of pandemic proportions.
Stephen  O'Brien Elgar  I do not accept campaign donations from Real Estate Agents, Property Developers or from the Gambling industry. I will ensure in the 21/22 Council budget that funding is provided to Alliance for Gambling Reform Victorian.
Matthew Harris Elgar  I support the presented policies that are in line with current Whitehorse City Council gambling policy. I will support the amendment of Council policies if our community indicates they want policies amended to be in line with your presented policies.
Xzavier Kelly Kingsley I support all policies referred to in the Candidate Information Pack, specifically advocating for stopping the expansion of gambling in our suburbs & towns. I believe that poker machines should be illegal, they operate solely to cause addiction and steal money.
Harry  Ma Kingsley  My family and my childhood are victims of gambling and I totally against it for sure.
David Coombs Mahoneys I support policies which reduce gambling harm in our communities, and those outlined in your candidate information pack are reasonable. I do not support grants or rate reductions for venues which operate poker machines.

I would oppose new venue applications where there is a net detriment to the community from poker machines, and support gambling-free public spaces which provide venues in which to socialise away from gambling.
Anne Makhijani Mahoneys I recognise the harm that gambling addiction does to vulnerable members of the community and if elected will do my best to change that.
Jason Martin Mahoneys I have always been against gambling advertisements in sports where children are watching. This type of promotion normalises gambling with our kids. 
Prue Cutts Simpson  I support gambling-free public spaces and back gambling-free community sport as well as stopping further expansion of gambling venues in our suburbs. I believe poker machine numbers  need to be carefully monitored. We have unacceptably high levels if harm from poker machines in these parts of Melbourne.   
YiChang Kennedy Sparks Gambling is a vice. But people are allowed to choose their vices. While I wont be supporting changes to any operating hours, if successful in my election, I will not stand for more of these machines in the city of Whitehorse.
Dennis Fitzgerald Sparks Any possible reduction in the pokies.
Mingzhi Lei Sparks There are six council social activities, I support No.2 to No.6. I don't support the first one, which is "To not hold council events or activities at
gambling venues". I support "To not allow future poker machine on Council
land, and plan", but existing venue can remain. 
Minwen Wu Sparks I support all the policies mentioned on the info pack, plus "active" anti-gambling measures, by which I mean engaging people to be busily occupied with many positive recreational activities, e.g. joining Sunday afternoon neighborhood parties to do Taiji and helping new migrants practice conversational English etc. My another policy is to install outdoor adult/elderly exercise facilities in local parks/reserves, and people can exercise and socialize together to keep physically, mentally and socially sound, fit and proper, and to be too busily occupied with too many positive activities life! 
Raylene Carr Terrara Pokies are a curse on society causing untold harm and deprivation to moral values; increased family violence; loss of life by suicide and unconsummated remorse that affects many and lasts for years. 
Jarrod Gunn Terrara I have an uncle who lost his work redundancy payout and subsequently his pension to gambling, specifically poker machines. I am strongly in favour of greater regulation on pokie venue operating hours. Sports gambling is a little more vexed. I whole-heartedly agree that sports gambling commercials are pervasive during sports coverage but I do not support their unilateral banning. Full disclosure: I do not have any sports betting accounts, although I did have one between the period of 2008-2011.
Santi Whiteside Wattle Social Policy. As a multicultural ambassador for the Mental Health Foundation Australia I support initiatives that will reduce gambling harm