Women continue to lead change - Alliance for Gambling Reform

100 years on

Women continue to lead change

This week we celebrate International Women’s Day. We also mark 100 years since the first woman was elected to any Australian Parliament.

Edith Cowan was a pioneer, and a remarkable advocate for women’s rights in this country. Despite a deeply traumatic childhood, a lifetime overcoming systemic barriers and intense public scrutiny, Cowan rose to become a champion for social justice of others.

After a harrowing few weeks in Australian politics, we mark this moment in tribute to Cowan, and in solidarity with all the women continuing to fight for the rights of others, particularly against a backdrop of pervasive gambling harm.

We pay special tribute to the women of our lived experience community who have been hurt by gambling- those who continue to stand up and use their stories to make the world better for others. Women whose harm is often linked to deep trauma, and yet in spite of this, like Cowan, refuse to stay silent.

Women like Shonica, Carolyn, Anna, Jessica* and many, many others who use their voices publicly and privately, to lead the change we still so desperately need to see.

To all the women who stand up in the face of a culture that continues to shame and blame - we see you, we honour you, we believe you and we will keep fighting alongside you for truth, justice and accountability. 

Thank you for that privilege.