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Stand up for Women!

Minister for Gaming, Marlene Kairouz MP &
Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence, Natalie Hutchins MP,

Your weak pokies policy is undermining your efforts to reduce family violence. 

Recent research has found that families hurt by gambling are three times more likely to experience family violence. 

Your proposed pokies policy would mean we can't reduce the number of poker machines for 20 years, allows dangerous 'cashless' gambling and keeps open the loophole that allows cash out in pokie dens. That will increase gambling harm, and exacerbate family violence. 

This is an issue that falls under your portfolios and you need to stand up for women!

Don't miss the opportunity to delay the pokies legislation until it is amended with stong policy that reduces gambling harm and family violence. 

Stand up for women, against gambling harm and family violence!


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Gambling uniquely impacts women. In a decision earlier this year, the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation rejected an application for poker machines due to the correlation between higher numbers of pokies and increased rates of domestic violence. 

Poker machines exacerbate poverty and addiction and increase stress upon families. Recent research has found that gambling adds fuel to family violence.

The Victorian Government has announced legislation on pokies, and it's not good news. They've caved to industry, creating poker machine licenses that last for 20 years, allowing dangerous 'cashless' gambling and soft-pedaling the limit of cash out EFTPOS machines.

Their policy does not minimise the pokie-related harm and we're calling on the Minister for Gaming, Marlene Kairouz MP and the Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence, Natalie Hutchins MP to stand up for women. 

Pokies are impacting women and we want women's voices to be heard in this debate. Sign the petition to demand the Ministers stand up for women.