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Woollies: End the con

All Australian poker machines are designed to addict, including the thousands owned by Woolies. Stand with us and demand Woolworths commit to con-free machines.

Poker machine designers deliberately mislead people with cons like 'near misses’ and ‘losses disguised as wins’. Machines are deliberately designed to take a huge slice of your money, with settings like ‘shear the sheep, or slaughter the sheep’. They're able to take as much as $1,200 an hour from Australians.
Woolworths owns more poker machines that any Australian casino. It must commit to con-free machines. 

Add your name today, and together let's make sure Woolworths hears us loud and clear. It's time to put a stop to deceitful poker machines.

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It's true, there's poker machines designed to addict in your shopping trolley. Woolworths Ltd owns over 323 poker machine pubs, where over 12,000 poker machines take over $1.2 billion dollars from Australian's every year. 

Under Australian law, it's illegal for businesses to mislead or deceive consumers. We know that poker machines are designed to do exactly that, so it's possible that Woolworths pubs are breaking the law.

We'll be attending the Woolworths AGM on Thursday the 26th  November, and we'll be handing over your petition signatures to Woolworths, demanding that they commit to con-free machines.  

We'd tell Woolworths to simply get rid of all it's poker machines - but there's a catch - the machines would be sold onto other pubs, where they'd continue to swindle money from us. that's why we need Woolworths to back law reform that takes the con out of the machines.