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Tell Collingwood to Get Out of Pokies!

Colingwood FC is having a good season- they're even on a winning streak. They won their last four games in a row. But while they are the owner of 146 poker machines in two pokie venues the community is losing!

Last year, they took over $12 million ($12.2 million) from the community to fund their footy club. 

Currently, Collingwood FC are taking third place for most-harmful AFL clubs. They also are persuadable on this: if they get enough of a push, they may commit to getting out of pokies.

The email to send to them is pre-written, all you need to do is add your name, address and hit send!

If you're a member of this club, please add in a line telling them that you are a member (tell them your member details if you're comfortable to do so) and emphasize that as a member, you want your club out of pokies! They will listen to you!