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Essendon Needs to Turn Around on Pokies Now!

While more AFL Clubs than ever are getting out of the pokies business, Essendon is currently negotiating to keep themselves in it til 2042! That's another 24 years of profiting from pokie harm.

The community are quite clearly showing that we disapprove of footy clubs owning pokies and it's working! Collingwood was the third worst AFL club for pokie losses, but they JUST announced that they are also getting out of pokies!

They're now joining GWS Giants and Melbourne Demons who announced this year that they are divesting from pokies as well as North Melbourne, Fremantle, West Coast Eagles, & Sydney Swans who are already out of the pokies business. Geelong Cats also announced last year that they’re in the process of getting out of pokies as well.

Momentum is building fast and we want to create a snowball effect: pushing other clubs to get out of pokies! But right now- we need to focus on making sure Essendon doesn't tie themselves to pokies for the next 24 years!!

The email to send to them is pre-written, all you need to do is add your name, address and hit send!

If you're a member of this club, please add in a line telling them that you are a member (tell them your member details if you're comfortable to do so) and emphasize that as a member, you want your club out of pokies. They will listen to you!