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Let's Get Hawthorn Out of Pokies

Of all the AFL clubs that own pokies, Hawthorn is the most destructive! They take $24.3 million out of the community each year through 165 pokies across two venues.

Other clubs have started moving away from pokies, so let's use that momentum to push Hawthorn over the line as well. It's time to divest from a product that causes addiction, poverty, depression, suicide, family breakdowns and increased family violence.

Footy should be family-friendly and no AFL club should be associated with pokies when they are so destructive.

Jeff Kennett, the current Presiden of Hawthorn and former Victorian Premier and Chairperson of Beyond Blue, has recently spoken out against the AFL's deal with Crownbet and sportsbetting, calling it "the biggest scourge on our community". It's great to see him taking a public stance against sportsbetting and recognising the harm gambling causes to our community.

With enough of a push, hopefully Kennett will take a stance against pokies as well and lead Hawthorn into divesting from these destructive machines!

Send a message to Hawthorn leadership- it's time they divest from poker machines!