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Wyndham City Council Candidate Responses

Candidate Responses

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Do you support reducing the opening hours of poker machine venues?

Do you support local governments having greater say on the granting or refusing applications for poker machines in their respective communities?
Do you support the banning of all sports gambling ads?

Will you pledge to not take any donations from venues or organisations that derive income from gambling interests?

Will you commit to reducing gambling harm in your LGA?

Which of the policies referred to in our Candidate Information Pack, do you support? What is your position on poker machine policy?
Shannon McGuire Chaffey Supporting gambling free public spaces, backing gambling-free community sport and stopping the expansion of gambling in suburbs and towns. I would like local councils to have more say in administering poker machine policies in our jurisdiction. 
Kamaldip Kahma Chaffey Reducing poker machines and support all your policies. 
Nelson PERVAZ  Chaffey I highly support the policy for reducing the harmful effects of gambling.
I would work in accordance with the current law in the country regarding gambling. 
Karen Jane Howard Harrison I have read the fact sheet and support all of the aims of the alliance.
Sahana Ramesh Harrison Sahana is of the belief that gambling is an unnecessary burden on the vulnerable parts of society that can least afford it.  She is happy to support the full removal of gambling from public spaces in the same way as smoking.
Hasan Naim Harrison I believe this will harm for the society. 
Aijaz Moinuddin Harrison All of them
Tully Smith Harrison I am proud to support all Alliance for Gambling Reform Victorian Local Government policies. I support gambling-free public space, and I do believe that social isolation is a key risk factor to gambling harm. You are correct in saying that councils can play a crucial role in providing opportunities to socialise away from gambling and I support gambling-free public spaces. Community Sport must absolutely be gambling free and councils should play an active role in supporting community clubs and codes to go gambling-free. Regarding stoping the expansion of gambling in our suburbs & towns, I couldn’t agree more. I will fight the expansion of pokies in Wyndham, i’ll oppose it, every time! Pokies have no place in our suburbs.
Eli Muse Harrison Advocate to state and federal governments for legislative reform to reduce and prevent gambling harm

Discarding the phrases 'responsible
gambling' and 'problem gambling' from
council documents and discussions. These
phrases reinforce stigma by placing
responsibility for gambling harm and
addiction on the individual instead of on the
systems and structures in place that enable
gambling harm

It is long overdue to crack down on poker machines and gambling. They are akin to drug addiction. All arms of government needs to take responsibility by putting in stricter policies and regulations to reduce gambling harm, and not pass responsibility solely on the individual due to the high addictive nature of the activity.
Donna Wyatt Iramoo Social policy
I do not support:
-Council events being held at gambling venues
-Grants going to venues that support EGMs
-EGMs on council land or in council facilities
-Rates discounts to organisations operating EGMs
-Phrases such as responsible gambling in council publications and strategies
-Individualising blame
I support:
-Considering gambling harm as a public health issue
Planning and enforcement
I support:
-Public awareness campaigns that show the harms that gambling inflicts
-Committing resources to undertake impact assessments
-Enforcing venue compliance with planning and other requirements
I support:
-Advocating to federal and state governments to instigate legislative reforms to reduce and prevent gambling harm
-Disseminating stories that focus on gambling harm
-Undertaking harm minimisation projects
Munish  JOSHI Iramoo  I support all of your policies which will reduce harmful impact of gambling on our communities .
Mick Rowen Iramoo There must be a limit placed on poker machines in each local government area. Where possible, reduce poker machines. Increase support services for gamblers and make the public more aware of the harm caused by poker machines.
Lisa Field Iramoo I support the abolishment of pokies. These venues could be turned in to social meeting places where people play cards or board games. 
Kodei Mulcahy Iramoo I haven't received this yet however my position will be this no matter what information is supplied to me I think Wyndham have one to many police Venues already and if elected I would push for set hours and definitely say no to more venues 
JUSTIN COLEE Iramoo Undecided If elected, I will do my best to address gambling harm at a council level. I agree to Council social Policy to reduce gambling harm in a municipality and a commitment to treat gambling harm as a public health issue
KARNJIT SINGH Iramoo I believe the impacts of gambling are as harmful as alcohol, drugs or tobacco. I firmly stand for a highly regulated framework for pokies in order to secure a healthy, safe and prosperous community. Thanks