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Yarra Ranges Shire Council Candidate Responses

Candidate Responses

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Do you support reducing the opening hours of poker machine venues?

Do you support local governments having greater say on the granting or refusing applications for poker machines in their respective communities?
Do you support the banning of all sports gambling ads?

Will you pledge to not take any donations from venues or organisations that derive income from gambling interests?

Will you commit to reducing gambling harm in your LGA?

Which of the policies referred to in our Candidate Information Pack, do you support?
What is your position on poker machine policy?

Liz Maranik Billanook I don't like any form of gambling and strongly support your organisation. Thank you for all you do. 
Tim Janczuk Billanook I support gambling-free public spaces and community sport, and stopping the expansion of gambling in our suburbs & towns. Likewise, reducing the number of poker machines, and their hours of operation are important issues. If elected, I look forward to working with the community to pursue the most effective measures to achieve this.
Matthew Musilli  Billanook It's important to me that our Council does not in any way, subsidise or otherwise encourage gambling and the use of Electronic Gambling Machines. I would also like to see the Yarra Ranges Council partake in a statewide effort to reduce gambling harm and develop a transition plan away from EGM's.  
Johanna Skelton Lyster Support Gambling Free public spaces, gambling free community sport and oppose new gambling applications where there is net detriment to the community. I support not holding Council events at venues who have Pokie machines and to support anyone affected by gambling addiction and its resulting health and well-being effects. I will never knowingly take donations from gambling related sources.  
Bill Brindle Lyster My view is that poker machines are a stain on any community and that any purported community benefit is vastly outweighed by the real human damage which is so often linked to their presence in a given community.
Jeff Krins Lyster I consider poker machines a problem for our community
Samantha Dunn Lyster I have long supported harm minimisation and a reduction in poker machines. The losses and harm in our community runs deep. Problem gambling has significant negative health and wellbeing outcomes for families. It is a major determinant of ill health and the associated anti-social behaviour of problem gamblers has a significant negative impact on community wellbeing. I support all of the policies outlined, however in the context of this election, the most pertinent are those under local government. It's important that gambling does not underpin social connection in the community and on the sporting field. I've also provided a link to my blog when I was a former councillor at Yarra Ranges which details my position and track record in this space> https://crdunn.blogspot.com/search?q=gambling.  I was also the Chairperson of the Local Government Working Group on Gambling. So rest assured I wholeheartedly support your campaign. 
Mia  McGregor Lyster  I think all of the policies are worthy of consideration. I signed the pledge as a sitting Councillor this term and am deeply concerned about the damage to individuals and our community as a whole. 
Sophie Todorov Melba All policy. Gambling is a public health issue, we need to address harm minimisation and challenge  the Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct. 
Don Di Battista Melba Yes, I support reform
Nerida  Forster Melba Limited number and limiting access hours in venues
Megan Ruffino Ryrie I completely support the end to all gambling related advertising and federal oversight of gambling companies. I personally loath poker machines and believe access to them shouldn't be so prevalent. 
Megan Ruffino Ryrie I fully support banning gambling advertising, prohibiting gambling with credit and federal oversight of gambling companies. I also support gambling free public sport,  public places and preventing the expansion of gambling in our suburbs and towns. 
Doug MACDONALD Streeton All gambling is just that. (I want to get something for nothing) we all know that this is not the case.  Therefore, those in that business will do anything to make their businesses legitimate and promote any avenue to increase their revenue.
I will do everything available to me to stop the availability of access to gambling.
David Vincent Streeton I support the concepts of gambling free public spaces where members of the community can connect and gambling free community sport.  I would want to see more information about the social harm, costs and benefits, as well as details on what community support is available,  so that I can make informed decisions about any individual application. 
ANDREW FULLAGAR Streeton I support reduction of poker machine numbers, and reduction of hours that they are available.  I objected to the increase of poker machines at the Monbulk Bowling Club in 2019.  I support Upwey Belgrave RSL's current policy to NOT have poker machines.
Jenny Game Streeton All, poker machines do not contribute to health and wellbeing of anyone.
Amy Muratore Streeton I was in primary school when Jeff Kennet closed schools and built a casino. I support everything you are about and will fight hard to keep pokies out of Venus across the Yarra Ranges.
Jeremy Lockett Streeton I support a strong council social policy to address and reduce the harm caused by gambling. I also support stopping the expansion if gambling in the community. 
Tony Stevenson Walling I support our Council to review policies and actions to ensure Council doesn't actively support or subsidise gaming venues. I support our Council advocating to the State Government to reform the operation of poker venues and EGMs so as to 1) ensure a measurable decrease in gambling harm and 2) develop a transition plan to progressively reduce EGMs in Victoria.
Brett Nangle Walling Reduce hours Pokies are available to my community
Lisa Di Battista Billanook I support gambling reform to promote the spirit and wellbeing of communities, for I understand as a criminologist that it can create adverse family conditions/propel people into crime.
Bec Brannigan Walling I am keen for my children to be exposed to less gambling ads